How To Apply Decals

How to install a wall decal:

Clean the destination...1. Clean the destination surface and dry it thoroughly, ensure the area is free of oils and dirt.


Use the card to scrape...2. Use the card to scrape over the entire sheet, make sure the decal sticks properly to the transfer tape.


Depending on situation...3. Depending on situation, there may be a need to cut some patterns or words into separate sheets.


Turn the entire decal sheet...4. Turn the entire decal sheet upside down on a table so the backing paper is on the top.


Pull off the backing paper...5. Pull off the backing paper SLOWLY and CAREFULLY, make sure the decal is left on the transfer tape.


Place the decal with the transfer tape...6. Place the decal with the transfer tape on desired spot and scrape through the surface with the card.


Starting from the edge...7. Starting from the edge, GENTLY peel away transfer tape from the decal. Please be patient.


Finished!8. Finished!
You may now sit back and enjoy your beautiful decal.