Custom Order Enquiry

Please  contact us anytime at:
We are always happy to work through the design process via email.

Our custom decals include quotes, lettering, personalized names, theme decorations for events like weddings, functions and any sorts of designs for restaurants or retail shops.

If you’re after a quote/lettering to put on your wall or window, please email us:
– The quote itself
– The approx. size you’d like it to be (or the size of the wall/window where the sticker is going to apply)
– The desired font
you may refer to our font selections as below, other special fonts available upon request.
if you love any font from our other designs, please let us know as we can also use it.Font Selections

– Your colour preference
The following is our Standard colour chart, you may click on it for larger view

As regards to signs for Weddings / Events / Other Designs / Graphic Prints:
Please provide as many details (eg. size, colour, wordings) as possible and attach images if you have them. This way can help us to give you a precise quote faster.

Please contact Anna at for a quote!